Using Performance Indicators for Non-Revenue Water Reduction: A Case Study in a Small Island State (Mauritius)

Varsah Gungoa


The paper presents a conceptual framework for using Performance Indicators (PIs) in a Small Island State (Mauritius) for evaluating water network efficiency. This study uses the IWA/AWWA PI-Concept and benchmarking from which the PIs are derived. Findings from this study show that even Small Island States can adopt PIs as tools for improving water network efficiency and ultimately reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW), provided that they are developed to suit the specificities of the water utilities of the island. The research study shows that the NRW is 58.9% using the IWA (International Water Association) water balance table whereas the Infrastructure Leakage Index is 21.9 in the small island state of Mauritius. Both methods reveal that non-revenue water is a matter of concern for the network efficiency in the island.


Performance Indicators; Small Island State; Non-Revenue Water.

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