Impact of Industrial with Farmers Partnership Against Cocoa Cultivation Practices in the Luwu Region, South Sulawesi

Muhammad Nasrun, Rahim Darma, Salengke Salengke, Nasaruddin Nasaruddin


This research aimed to analyzed the impact of industrial with farmers partnership against cocoa cultivation practices in the Luwu region, South Sulawesi. The collection of research data conducted by in-depth interviews using the technique of key informants approach. Key informants were used in this study is the head of the farmer group of partners and non-partners in the area of research, and industry representatives are doing partnerships with cocoa farmers. The results showed that partnerships of industrial with cocoa farmers in the development of the cocoa upstream industry in the region Luwu, an impact on the improvement of cocoa cultivation practices. Cocoa partnership activities have increased the awareness of farmers in the use of quality seeds, application of monoculture cropping systems, and the application of the ideal planting distance.

The used of cover crops, the right fertilizer and pruning activities have been implemented in cocoa partnership activities in the Luwu region. Another positive impact of the implementation of this cocoa partnership is a reduction in chemical use in pest and disease control cocoa plants.


partnerships; industrial; cocoa farmers; cultivation practices.

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