Effect of Pregnant Women in Class Activity to Knowledge Increase in Caring Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum and Newborn in Batua Health Centre Makassar

Theresia Limbong, Anita Lontaan, Syaniah Umar


In order to reduce maternal mortality rate in Indonesia, the government has launched a program of Making Pregnancy Safer (MPS) since 2000. One of the MPS strategy is to encourage the empowerment of women and the family. The expected output of the strategy is to establish the husband's involvement in promoting maternal health and increasing active role of the family in pregnancy and childbirth. In order to improve the knowledge of pregnant women about maternal and child health, have conducted health education of mothers and children through individual consultations during the antenatal or at Posyandu activities, but not optimal because the knowledge gained mothers confined to health problems experienced during the consultation. One effort to overcome the weaknesses of the established activities of the study groups of pregnant women who referred to a class of pregnant women. The aim of research to determine the effect of pregnant women classroom activities with an approach different methods to increase knowledge about prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum and newborn babies before and after intervention in Batua Regional Health Center, Makassar. This type of research "quasi" with a pretest-posttest design with control group design. The number of samples is 30 people, divided into three groups: simple method, the standard method and the modified method. The primary data by distributing questionnaires to pregnant women each meeting, given before and after class pregnant women.

There's research found no differences between the mean increase knowledge on classroom activities pregnant women with a simple method approach, the standard method and the modified method of prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum and newborn babies before and after the intervention. Expected classroom activities pregnant women are given regularly by health workers and more effectively increase knowledge when using the modified method is lecture, use KIA book, brain storming and conduct orientation in the delivery room, but must be conditioned to the situation in the health center.


Pregnancy Classes; Methods Simple; Standard and Modified.

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