The Anti-viral and Immunomodulatory Activity of Cinnamon zeylanicum Against "NDV" Newcastle Disease Virus in Chickens

Tamam S. M, Abd el Hamid M. S, Samah M. Helmy, Marwa A. Nakhriry


Experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of cinnamon zeylanicum oil as biochemical, immunostimulant and antioxidant activity. One hundred and fifty one day-old chickens were fed by five diet supplements with 0%,0.1%,0.3% of essential oil, and 1%,3% of cinnamon powder for 30 days serum and whole blood were collected for evaluation of T.protein, S.albumin, S.globulin, total antioxidant, lysozyme activity ,phagocytic percent and phagocytic index. The Total .protein showed significant (P-value <0.05)in day 14,21 and 28 while the s.globulin was siginificant at day 14,21 and 28 with (P-value<0.05) when compared with control group while s.albumin showed no-significant ,while total Anti-oxidant capacity (TAC) was high significant (P-value<0.01) at day 14,21 and 28.the challenge test with 10-6 velogenic NDV challenged chicken with mortality (100%) in control group and protection percent (80,86,76 and 50%) in group (2,3,4and 5). Blood phagocytic activity and phagocytic index significantly increased at (P-value<0.01,P-value <0.05) the present investigation showed that cinnamon zeylanicum essential oil and powder exhibits antioxidant ,immunostimmulat and antiviral activity in chickens because of antioxidant dietary supplementary feeding.


Cinnamon zeylanicum; NDV;antioxidant activity; immunomodulatory.

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