Use of Collections Library Needs of Library Users in the First State Junior High School (SMPN 1) Limapuluh at North Sumatera Indonesia

Eva Rabita


This study aims to identify the availability of collection of books in the library is able to meet the information needs of users. The study was conducted at SMPN 1 Limapuluh Library. This research is a descriptive study, with the questionnaire as a data collector. The number of samples is selected to be the respondent is 82 students. The results showed the use of the library collection at SMPN 1 Limapuluh  categorized enough. Although the availability of the number of books the library is fairly adequate and sufficient, but the collection is still less useful for the user's information needs. In addition, the role of students in the process of procurement of the collection is still considered lacking, is caused by the users never included in the procurement of collection. For sophistication collection, a collection of books in the Library of SMPN 1 Limapuluh still considered lacking, and a collection of supporting materials provided less aid the assignment of teachers.



library; books collection; user's needs.


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