Study of Plankton Communities in the Imessouane Bay

Elhassan. Ait-talborjt, Najat. Hafidi, Hassan. El ouizgani


The plankton community was studied in the Atlantic waters of Imessouane Bay over a period of three months (May, June and July) at three stations (S1, S2 and S3); the aims of the study was to study the taxonomic composition of the plankton (Zooplancton and phytoplankton). The systematic study of the samples revealed the presence of 32 species of zooplankton with a predominance of the copepods which represented 14 species dominated by the species of oithona nana and 31 species of phytoplankton. The evolution of the species diversity of plankton, estimated by the index of Shannon-Weaver (H ') and Margalef (Dmg) were recorded a maximum values on June and minimum on May 19th, June 30th and July 21st. The similarity index of Sorensen (Qs) between the three stations taken in pairs is relatively large with 0.72 between S1 and S3, 0.60 between S1 and S2 and 0.62 between S2 and S3.


Copepods; Tintinnids; Bay of Imessouane; Zooplankton; Phytoplankton; Oithona.

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