Ablution and Different Kinds of Diseases Prevention in Hadits Perspective

Sulaemang L., Zulkifli M., St. Kuraedah, Siti Zubaidah


This article attempts to find out the understanding and benefits of ablution contained in the Prophet Muhammad hadith. The writers used a method of documentation, for instance, finding data on things or variables such as notes, books of hadith, fiqh books, books on health through ablution, and other books that are related to the research title. The purpose of this study is to provide an understanding about ablution (wudu), obligation for wudu before prayer, the benefit of ablution for Muslims health, as well as ablution is the prevention of various diseases. The results showed that; (1) The definition of ablution has been studied in depth approach to the science of fiqh, hadith, and medical; (2) It has been argued the benefits of ablution are in worship, cleanliness, and for the health of Muslims; (3) It has islamic lawsof ablution in worship, especially the obligatory prayers and the prayers recommended by the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

The implications of this study are; (1) understanding the meaning of the ablution properly; (2) understanding that an ablution used as a cleaning tool that can wash the dirt, filth, and, both large and small impurity; (3) ablution can prevent all kinds of skin diseases or cancer, moreover, it can be more understood about the legal position of ablution in worship to Allah.


Ablution; Disease Prevention; Hadits Perspective.

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