A Critique of the Hungarian Method of Solving Assignment Problem to the Alternate Method of Assignment Problem by Mansi

Akpan N. P., Abraham U. P.


Matching highly skilled people to available position/job is a high-stake task that requires careful consideration by experienced resource managers. The assignment problem is a special type of the transportation problem, it is an important subject discussed in real world. In this research, two methods were used to solve the assignment problem (i.e Hungarian method [5] and the Alternate method of assignment [7]) and the results were compared. The result from these comparison shows that both method gives the same optimal solution but the Alternate method yielded the optimal solution in few steps which saves time. The data collected was also analyzed and solved using a statistical software TORA 2.0 which gave similar result of 881(in millions of Naira).


Optimal solution; Assignment problem; Feasible solution; Alternate method; Hungarian method.

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