A New Study of Channel Estimation Methods for OFDM in DVB-T2

Ahmed H.Eldeib, Mona Z.Salehb, Salwa Elramly


In this paper three proposed methods of channel estimation are introduced. These methods are based on pilot-aided OFDM system with the arrangement employed in the DVB-T2 standard in time-varying frequency-selective fading channels. The first and second methods (low complexity and improved low complexity methods, respectively) are modified methods based on Domain Transform Least Square Estimation (DTLSE) method; which reduce the computational complexity by avoiding the use of the matrix inversion. The estimation matrix size for obtaining Channel Impulse Response (CIR) depends only on the length of the channel rather than the number of pilot sub-carriers or the size of OFDM symbols. The third method (high performance method), which is based on the first proposed method and a Two Dimensional Linear Interpolation 2-DIL method, uses one frame instead of one symbol and offers lesser complexity than the MMSE method, and a BER performance close to it.


Digital Video Broadcasting System for Terrestrial Second Generation (DVB-T2); DomainTransform Least Square Estimation (DTLSE); Two Dimensional Linear Interpolation (2-DLI); Minimum Mean Square Estimation (MMSE).

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