Examining Gun Control Policy of United States: A Policy Critique

Murat Ozkan


Policies to reduce gun related violence has been one of the focuses of US governments while combatting crime. Although the link between gun ownership and involvement with violent crimes has been problematic due to the nature of crimes committed by guns and individuals who used guns to defend themselves from criminals, the tendency in the US public is to own guns, but in the meantime to control the ownership with an effective background checking system. The debate on the gun control issue is centered on the gun manufacturing market which has a giant pie in the economy, public awareness due to the mass violent acts in the public places, the US culture of owing guns for pleasure and hunting, and finally the assassinations of public leaders and politicians. The recent mass shootings like San Bernardino and Oregon in the US brought public attention to this issue again. As a result, Obama Administration felt compelled to take serious legal and law enforcement actions against gun violence. The proposed action required a series of legal regulations that needed the approval of Congress, and federal money to update the technical systems to control gun ownership.


Gun control; gun policy; mass shootings.

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