Space Restructuring with River Stream Region Approach

Agung Witjaksono, Mohammad Bisri, Agus Suharyanto, Surjono Surjono


Result of research indicates that challenges and prospects in determining the boundaries of planning region, substance, interregional participation, cross-sector engagement, and development program design are mostly positive. Planning with river stream region approach is expected to produce more optimum policies, because these may be useful to indicate the conditions of river stream region such as landslide, erosion, sedimentation, flood and drought which typically characterize the regions along river stream region.

Space planning in Indonesia at national, province and regency/city scopes is concentrating more upon the use of regional administrative boundaries. Regional space order is strictly highlighted due to the excessive occurrences of floods during rain season and also the disaster of drought in dry season. Partial approach pattern and less understanding on ecosystem have led to less optimum planning. Future planning must consider the approach that takes account ecosystem and environment. Such approach shall determine the boundaries of River Stream Region (DAS). This research attempts to review the policy aspect in space order planning and also in water resource management. The objective of this review is to provide a description about challenges and prospects encountered by space restructuring with river stream region approach.


Space restructuring; Approach; River Stream Region (DAS).

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