Sustainability of Fad-Based Pelagic Fisheries around Kei Islands, South-East Maluku Regency

Benny Jeujanan, Daniel Monintja, Sulaeman Martasuganda, M.Fedi A.Sondita, Roza Yusfiandayani


Fish aggregating devices (FADs), locally called rumpon, play an important role in supporting the pelagic fisheries around Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency. Some benefits from such devices include certainty in fishing location, hence reducing operational costs and improving fishing productivity. This study was aimed to analyze sustainability of the fisheries with multi-dimensional perspectives (i.e. ecological, technical, economic and social aspects) and to formulate alternative management policies promoting its sustainability. This study was conducted from January to July 2014 in Kei Island to collect data required for RAPFISH (REFS). The status of local FAD-based pelagic fisheries was under sufficient category. Key factors were included to sensitive attributes of sustainability dimensions are local marine zoning, feasibility of fisheries business (i.e. B/C ratio), conflicts in resources used among fishermen, and conflict both fishermen and other stakeholders.


fisheries management; fish aggregating devices; RAPFISH; Kei Island.

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