Effect of Nickel Wire Gauze on Coupling Factor, Conductance and Efficiency of PZT-Steel Unimorphs

Yaser Rehman, Sadia Alvi


In this study, electromechanical coupling factor, conductance and their effect on performance of PZT-steel circular unimorph transducers were investigated. Two approaches had been followed for developing piezoelectric unimorphs. In the first approach, PZT unimoprhs were developed by directly joining the PZT ceramic element to the steel circular plate. In the second approach, Ni gauze was incorporated between PZT ceramic element and steel disc as an intermediate electrode. Transducer analyzer and LCR meter were used to measure these electromechanical parameters while transmit and receive sensitivities were measured by reference method. PZT unimorphs with Ni wire gauze showed higher values of coupling coefficient, conductance and better transmit & receive sensitivities compared to unimorphs prepared without Ni wire gauze. These unimorph transducers find a wide range of applications in energy harvesting, underwater surveillance, medical and commercial products.


PZT; Transducer; Unimorph; Nickel gauze.

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