Characterization of Surface Water Quality Crossing Through Saidss City (Case: Saids Wadi Alegria NW)

Ahmed guenfoud, Mohamed benyahia


Totals mesophile germs are also important notably at 22c. As for pathogenic germs, genders of salmonella have not been detected. Analysis results of water on the two levels (chemical-physics and bacteriological) allow us deducing that quality of these waters is average to poor during their passage in the city and thus, cannot be used for marked gardening irrigation in the region. It is therefore required to intervene urgently to rehabilitate this site.

Saidas wadi is one of the main permanent watercourse of superficial network of the west region in Algeria, presently affected by pollution generated by human activities (urban, industrial and agricultural waste) with the aim of identifying pollution status of this watercourse of these last years, our work was focused on determination of chemical-physics parameters and bacteriological water in the stretch of Saidas City. The results obtained describe in a clear existence of chemical and organic pollution at level of the three stations studied due to increase of calcium, magnesium, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, BOD5 and dissolved oxygen. Except for nitrate in the centre and downstream of the city where their average contents decrease (S1=1,133mg/L and S2=2,06mg/L).

This is probably due to phenomena of nitrate transformation into nitrite, consumption of nitrate by microorganisms. Indices evaluation of organic pollution confirms that there is an important organic pollution upstream and increases during the passage of rainwater in urban environment (stronger IPO). On the bacteriological level, results obtained show presence of a high load of bacteria inducing faecal contamination (totals coliforms, faecal coliforms and faecal streptococcus. The report between FC/FS shows that there is predominance of human origin contamination than of animal.


Wadi Saida; pollution; chemical-physics; bacteriology.

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