Detection of Herpes Viruses in Aggressive Periodontitis Patients in Mosul

Mahmoud Y.M. Taha, Zeyad T. Al-Rassam, Rafea A. Al-Taleb


The aim of the study is to estimate the frequency of herpes viruses HCMV, EBV1 and HSV in periodontal pocket samples of aggressive periodontitis patients. This study was carried out on total number of 24 Aggressive Periodontitis patients, 14 (58%) males and 10 (42%) females, aging between 20-?40 years old). Periodontal pocket samples were collected from three deepest pocket sites and nested PCR technique was used to detect HCMV, EBV and HSV1. The nested PCR technique results showed detection of herpes viruses in 12(50%) patients pocket samples, these viruses were distributed as follow; 3(12.5%) of patients showed presence of EBV, 3 (12.5%) of patients showed presence of HSV-1. In this study EBV-CMV co-infection and EBV-HSV-1 co-infection were detected in 3 (12.5%) for each one, with absence of CMV or CMV-HSV co-infection. The comparison between the type of virus detected and age groups showed detection of viruses in 9 (75%) and 3 (25%) of patients at age groups ?40 and 20-29 years respectively, while there was no detection of viruses at 30-39 years age group. EBV was detected at high percentage in ?40 years age group with absence from 20-29 and 30-39 years age groups. This study showed significant association between the presence of EBV and the increase of age. In the present study, viruses were detected in males more than females but there is no significant association between gender and type of viral detected.

The comparison between periodontal pocket depth and type of viral detected showed detection of EBV and EBVHSV in 7mm pocket depth and detection of CMV-EBV, HSV in 6mm and 5mm respectively with absence of viruses in 4mm pocket depth. Thus this result showed significant association between the increase pocket depth and presence of EBV.


aggressive periodontitis; Herpes Viruses.

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