Miangas, the Outermost Small Island of Indonesia

Maartianus S. Baroleh, Achmad Fahrudin, Rokhmin Dahuri, Setyo B. Susilo, Daniel Monintja


This study was aimed at producing a management strategy of Miangas island as an outermost small island of Indonesia adjacent to Phillippine based on ecological, economic, social, legal and institutional, and political sustainability. Data analyses used multidimensional scaling (MDS) using RAPFISH (Rapid Appraisal for Fisheries Status) with Eucliden Distances. Results showed that education level was relatively low to the education level of North Sulawesi Province, market was still traditional, and mean income relative to regional minimum wage was still too far below the communitys income. For future sustainability, people of Miangas island should strengthen the education development of the local communities, the market, and the strengthen the future economic capacity of the local communities. In addition, government subsidy needs to be provided to strengthen the economic condition in order for future self-support.


Management; Miangas island; sustainability; MDS; Rapfish.

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