Developing UWB Pulse Generator with Output Split Inverters for Breast Imaging System

Sara Fouad, Reda Ghoname, Abdelmonem Elmahdy, Abdelhalim Zekry


A digital glitch monocycle pulse generator in a standard 0.13-?m CMOS technology is designed for breast cancer imaging system. A successful low power pulse generator is proposed whose central frequency is digitally controlled to cover 5.2 GHz. The generator is based on delay gate of Output Split Inverter (OSI).The OSI consists of an inverter with current limiting transistor which controls the biasing voltage digitally. The biasing circuit contains current mirror, PMOS transistor which enables 96.5 delay values. A glitch circuit is designed for a monocycle pulse width of 193 thought for breast cancer detection application. The proposed generator consumes 369 at 200 MHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF), and 1.2 V power supply voltage. Its design layout area amounts 67.2


Pulse generator; Gaussian monocycle; Ultra Wideband; digital OSI; glitch generator; breast cancer.

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