Biodiesel and Diesel Oil Performance as Carrier for Palm Oil Methyl Ester Sulphonate Surfactant for Application in Oil Well Stimulation in Limestone Reservoir

Fitria R. Eris, Erliza Hambali, Ani Suryani, Pudji Permadi


Formation damage is defined as any type of a process that results in a reduction of the fluid flow from the reservoir into formation which causes a decrease permeability reservoir and the performance of wells. Oil well Stimulation technique can be used as an alternative to solve the formation damage. Oil well stimulation technique requires applying of surfactant that can reduce surface tension and interfacial surface tension, preventing from emulsion blocking, and wettability alteration to water-wet. Methyl Ester Sulphonate (MES) Surfactant of palm oil is an anionic surfactant derived from renewable natural resources that environmental friendly. In its application, the surfactant requires the carrier. This paper provides a brief discussion of the mechanism of the use of diesel and biodiesel as a carrier. The results showed that both the carrier can be used as

a good carrier in oil well stimulation activities in limestone reservoir in OK field, and the formulation are MES 1% in the biodiesel carrier or MES 5% diesel carrier.


Oil Well Stimulation; MES; Palm Oil; diesel; biodiesel.

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