A Case Report of Small Vessel Vasculitis Secondary to Steroids Use

Dr. Abdalla M.Khalfalla, Dr. Husain Al Matar


A 47 year old Saudi male, presented to hospital* with the chief complaint of skin rash over the buttocks and lower limbs of one day duration. The rash followed steroids treatment to treat local allergic reaction to hair dye. The patient was quite well before that and his medical history, examination and laboratory investigation revealed nothing of concern. After admission, the skin rash had progressed to multiform rash and pustules following administration of methyl prednisolone 40 mg intravenously. The patients condition progressed and he developed gastrointestinal symptoms. The patient eventually started to respond to medical management and was discharged in better health but he was readmitted after two days with the same skin rash due to the wearing off of the effect of infliximab injection. A second dose of infliximab injection was given and his condition improved.


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The authors declare(s) that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this paper.


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