A New Fuzzy Query Processing System in Wireless Sensor Networks

Parand Akhlaghi


The task of acquiring information from sensor networks through generating queries is one of the most important issues in wireless sensor networks. The structure of traditional query processing systems requires defining query criteria in the form of crisp predicates with explicit and numerical thresholds, leading them to be processed in a certain manner. The inherent uncertainty and imprecision of sensor data call for a new approach towards them. Since fuzzy theory provides a toolbox to capture the imprecision associated with both data and query, in this paper, a new system for processing fuzzy queries in wireless sensor networks is introduced. In this system, in addition to presenting a new structure for fuzzy queries, a new algorithm is introduced for processing fuzzy queries in sensor networks. Simulation results indicate that accuracy and precision of the results obtained from fuzzy queries are higher than traditional ones, whereas there is no significant difference between the two regarding their energy consumption.


Wireless sensor networks; query processing; in-network processing; flexible processing; fuzzy query; fuzzy proposition; is-predicate; correlation index

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