Assessment the Role of Basic Science Courses in Dentistry Capability Based on Opinion of Dentistry Students of Babol Medical Science University

Mohammad Mehdizadeh, Tahere Padegane, Iman Jahaniyan, Arman Fallah


Curriculums need a correct cognition of students' requirements in order to train the qualified people. Current study is designed and conducted to assess the role of basic science courses on dentistry ability of Dentistry Students of Babol Medical Science University. This cross-sectional study is conducted on dentistry students studying in the last two semesters at Babol University of Medical Sciences admitted in 2007 and 2008 and by using a questionnaires 38 questions about 9 competencies of dentistry. The answers were classified into five grades from zero to four with scores including Not at all = 0, A little = 1, Somehow = 2, Very = 3, and Very much = 4. The required information was extracted from information recording forms and was calculated and analyzed by using SPSs.V.18 software and in terms of frequency of answers, frequency percentage and average marks.

Among 60 contestants (23 males and 37 females), the highest competency score was related to effective communication (% 63), using basic sciences in direction of patient, diagnosis, treatment and prevention (%61) and solving the problem (%61). The lowest score of competency is related respectively to the community and social grounds for healthcare (%42) and preliminary clinical qualifications (%45).As commented by students, basic science courses are not effective on training of professional dentists. Thus some changes are needed to conduct on basic science curriculums to train dentists with high competency.


competency; students; basic science courses; dentistry.

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