A Critical Evaluation of the Operation and Effectiveness of the Recruitment and Selection Policy within a Large NHS Trust

Neeraj Beeknoo


This report evaluates the recruitment and selection policy within a large NHS Trust and explores whether the existing policy is conducive to the functioning of the organisation as a whole. A varied research approach is drawn upon; combining a workforce discussion, observation, organisational policy analysis and literature reviews to assess whether the existing recruitment and selection policy of the organisation is effective and aptly executed. Early indication from the research undertaken implies that in general, although the recruitment and selection policy seems perfect on paper, the reality is very different. The existing policy is comprehensive and covers all relevant aspects of an excellent recruitment and selection strategy. Conversely however, evidence from the research implies that the policy is somewhat difficult to implement and this appears to be a barrier which must be overcome in order to successfully recruit and select the right candidates for the organisation. Potential recommendations to improve the Trusts existing recruitment and selection policy are highlighted. This report draws attention to the successful elements of the Trusts existing recruitment and selection policy and emphasises that by implementing minor improvements to the policy, the organisation as a whole will rise above difficulties and ensure the successful recruitment and selection of the finest candidates.

Additionally the aim is to emphasise that an effective policy is fundamental to the successful functioning of the organisation as a whole. Traditional theories of recruitment and selection seem to be working for a long time although recent changes in the work force market and ever changing supply and demand of experience staff is proving that the adoption of grounded theory has its merits in human resource management.


Recruitment; Selection; NHS; NHS Jobsite; National Health Services; UK; Ground Theory.

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