A Parametric Study on the Bixin Oil Suspensions Produced Using Annatto Seeds (Bixia Orella) and Its Potential Application in Coloring Margarine Products

Ajay Iyer, Neeraj pal, Priyadarshini yadav, . Debolina, Yogesh Dashrath, . Kishore, Kritika Gupta, Ruchi Narula, Satyam Khanna


Bixin obtained from Annatto seeds (Bixinella orella), has been used by the food industry as a source for natural color for a long time due to its low toxicity and high colorific value. Given its potential applications in dairy and meat industry to obtain a desired reddish - orange hue, a method was sought, which would quickly extract the desired pigment from the seed coat at low cost and allow for its direct application in the desired product. The bixin mass was extracted using demineralized water (D.M.W), sunflower oil or methanol and was then re-suspended in sunflower oil to a bixin strength of 10%. A study of the extraction process, viscosity and color hue (L*a*b value) of the 10% formulated product in margarine at low doses of 0.1% was carried out. Data indicated that methanol extraction provided the desirable reddish hue in margarine and yielded a product with lowest viscosity.


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