A Research on the Influence of Media Advertisements in the Purchasing Decisions of Generation Y in Penang Malaysia

Sundarapandiyan Natarajan, Duraiarasi B., Babu S., Prabakaran K.


The purpose of this research is to study the influence of Media Advertisements on the purchasing decisions of Generation Y customers in Penang, Malaysia. The priority of this study is to support the marketers to more effectively reach Generation Y customers as in this privatisation and globalisation era, it is challenge for every marketer to address the influence of media advertisements on the buying behaviour of the generation. The study investigated the relationship between dependent variable the Influence of Media Advertisements in the Purchasing Decisions of Generation Y Customers and the independent variables of Media Advertisement types, Product-Quality, Customer Perception, and Personal Characteristics.

As a result of the findings the following conclusions are established; That Media Advertisements particularly T.V. was very significant while Social Media, Print Media, Word-of-mouth, and Show-room Display were positively inclined in the frequency analysis.

Media Advertisements on quality of products or services influenced Generation Y customers purchasing decisions with high quality and high price of the product was very significant whereas Well-known Brands and Best-selling Brands were less significant. The relationship between the Generation Y personal characteristics and their purchasing decisions were significantly influenced by Occupation and Monthly Income. The research recommends that marketers identify their right market segment and position their products and brands. This study also supports the marketers to create appropriate marketing communication and advertisements besides the right media choice. It is also recommended that the marketers focus on their advertisement message and creativity based on the above variables to reach the right market segment effectively.


Buying Behaviour; Generation Y; Media Advertisements

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