A Probabilistic Model for Predicting Examination Performance: A Binary Time Series Regression Approach



In any examination result, performance is a function of several variables, which could be linear or nonlinear in dimension. Under approximately normal condition, every examination result is a Bernoulli trial with two unique and independent outcomes: a success and a failure. In this work, we examine the goodness - of - fit of the ordinary least squares regression with binary dependent variables (linear probability model) and the logistic regression in modeling and predicting examination performance. The degree examination results of 2012/2013 graduating class of the Department of Statistics were considered having reflected all the categories of performance in our examination grading system [viz; First class, Second class (Upper & Lower) divisions, Third class, and Pass]. The analysis revealed that the binary logistic regression is a better approach for modeling and predicting examination performance since most examination conditions are abnormal and nonlinear in dimension.


Binary; binomial regression; logit; probability prediction; time series.

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