Escherichia coli Induce Reactive Arthritis in Iraqi Arab Patients

Dunya F. Salloom Al-Saadi, Dunya Fareed Sallom, Mohammed Hadi Munshed, Ammar Talib Noah


Reactive arthritis (ReA) is an inflammatory arthritis that arises after certain types of gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract infection. It belong to the group of arthritis known as spondylo arthropatients. Infection is one of the important causes for the inflammation of the joint (arthritis), included bacteria. Seventy five urine sample from Iraqi patients with ReA with age range (20-60) years. Microscopically and culturing for urine was done, Eschrichia coli was recorded 24 (32%) , Therefore Eschrichia coli may be one of causes of urinary tract infection which induced reactive arthritis and urine examination and culture of urin should be done as routine in diagnosis and reactive arthritis patients.


Reactive arthritis, UTI, bacteria

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