Al Tayeb Salih between the Reality and Prospection (Season of Migration to the North as a Model)

Ibrahim Adam Said Daier, Muhammad Ali Abbakar Suleiman Al Tina


This paper deals with Al Tayeb Salih between the Reality and Prospection. It focuses on The , gentlemen, after a long absence, seven years to be exact, during which time he was studying in Europe - that he returned to his people". The importance of this study is those people they are spoken by an unnamed narrator who meets Mustafa Sa'eed, the hero of the novel, like him a man who has travelled to England for education and returned to "the small village at the bend of the Nile" in his native Sudan. The study follows a descriptive method which is detecting through fragmentary episodes, we come to learn that in London, Mustafa fell in love and married an English woman whom he murders in the course of a passionate sexual encounter. After spending time in prison he returns home where he marries again. Salih's novel is about a Sudanese going up the Thames. The results appear at its centre it has two love scenes culminating in murder. The metaphorical meaning of the sexual act is at the heart of this novel. The question is posed, whether it is possible for the migrant from the south to establish relations of love with the former colonialists from the north or just aspire for conquest through other activities. In general the Reality and Prospection are the overall and a dominated concept in this paper.


Colonization; post-colonization and prospection

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