Performance of the First Generation Crossbred Common Carp Bearing Growth and Disease KHV Resistance Related Molecular Markers

. Rina, Odang Carman, . Alimuddin, Komar Sumantadinata, Muhammad Zairin Jr


Genetic improvement by using marker assisted selection (MAS) can save time and facilities. Common carp (Cyprinuscarpio L) in Indonesia has been reported to have DNA marker Cca-08 which related to fast growth, and Cyca-DAB1*05 associated with resistance to infection of koi herpesvirus (KHV). This research was conducted to find out the performance of offspring ten crossbreeding common carp by using the two DNA markers. Broodstocks were collected from Wanayasa Freshwater Fish Seed Development Center and Sukabumi Main Center of Freshwater Aquaculture Development. The existence of Cca-08 marker was analyzed by using microsatellite, while Cyca-DAB1*05 by PCR with specific primer. The results showed that most of broodstock from Wanayasa bearing Cca-08 marker (92.4%), while from Sukabumi was Cyca-DAB1*05 marker (94.4%). Percentage of broodstocks bearing the two markers was 9.4% from Wanayasa, and 38.9% from Sukabumi. Inheritance pattern of the markers in progenies was different among crossbred. All crosses showed 65% or more progenies bear the Cca-08, while the Cyca-DAB1*05 was present with the highest percentage in crossbreeding between female homozygote Cca-08 with Cyca-DAB1*05 and male without Cca-08 and Cyca-DAB1*05

(70%). The best performance of growth and survival rate was obtained in crossbreeding between female heterozygote Cca-08 without Cyca-DAB1*05 and male heterozygote Cca-08 with Cyca-DAB1*05, and this broodstock could be used to produce superior common carp seed.


growth; CyprinuscarpioL; resistance to KHV; molecular marker.

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