Comparative analysis of firing different coal blends for boiler 12 at TPP Maritsa East 2

Totyo Totev, Dinko Kanev


Firing Bulgarian lignite coals for generating electric energy is related to a number of problems connected to the high ash and moisture content which determines its low calorific value. Moreover the high content of combustible sulfur leads to considerable expenses for the desulphurization systems. An alternative for improvement of the technical, economical and environmental indicators for the operation of the boilers at TPP "Maritsa East 2" is the combustion of coal blends that include fuels from different coal basins. This paper describes the planning and the conduction of such an industrial experiment. Results from the operation of the boiler when firing only coals from the "Maritsa East" basin have been presented to serve as a basis for comparison with theresults obtained during combustion of coal mixtures.


lignite coal characteristics; firing coal blends; feasibility study; assessment of pollutant emissions.

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