A Survey of Knowledge and Practice of Regenerative Endodontics Among Nigerian Dental Residents

Deborah Mojirade Ajayi, Iyabode M.Funmilayo Abiodun-Solanke, Olaide Shakeerah Gbadebo, Aliu Oladimeji Abu


The aim of this survey was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of regenerative endodontics among dental residents in selected Nigerian hospitals. A self-administered questionnaire was used for the survey. It consisted of three parts; part A asked questions about dentists profile and knowledge, part B sought the dentists opinion, beliefs and judgement regarding the use of RE procedures while part C consisted of questions based on clinical practice. The results shows that the majority (91.2%) have heard about REPs which was mainly through postgraduate training but 91.9% were willing to attend courses on REPs. Most (89.1%) of participants believed that stem cell banking will be useful to regenerate dental tissues, however only 42.4% claimed to have been using some type of regenerative therapy in their practice and 28.9% considered tribiotic paste and pulpal regeneration as optimal treatment for necrotic immature teeth while 36% considered CaOH +MTA+ obturation material as the best option. As a final conclusion we can say that these results reflect that dental residents are optimistic about the use of regenerative endodontic procedures; however, a need for more research and regular training was felt.


dental residents; knowledge; practice; regenerative endodontics.

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