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A Process Approach to Identity: Inheritance as the Key to the Transtemporal Knot

Ivan Brian L. Inductivo


Disputations on the transtemporal identity have been a perennial predicament of philosophy. Despite the many array of theories, the persistence of identity through time presents hackneyed and relentless arguments which seeks to suffice our appropriation of identity. Identity is absolute if taken in the strictest sense and in sheer idem-identity. But identity, especially of ipse-identity, does not just constitute of absolute sameness alone but also of the recognition of self and the inevitable inclusion of temporality. In the gamut of works of Charles Hartshorne held in scrutiny, process philosophy has offered a neoclassical paradigm in approaching this interminable transtemporal knot of identity, i.e., a partial (personal) identity through the novel injunction of the concept of inheritance. This study aims to present a tenable option for identity that serves as a plausible alternative to the problem of persistence through temporal passage and of continuity of character without resorting to substance-like metaphysics (Aristotelian) and absolute connectedness or absolute discreteness.


Transtemporal Identity, Process Philosophy, Identity, Inheritance.

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