The Effect of Perception of Customers and Policies Regarding CSR Hotel to Customer Participation in CSR Development

Johny Subarkah, Ravik Karsidi, Kuncoro Diharjo, Drajat Tri Kartono


The hospitality industry sector  has now implemented  many CSR activities. But the development of CSR in the tourism sector, especially hotels, does not run as fast as other business sectors. Social responsibility is an important thing that needs to be considered for the progress of a country. This study aims to determine the effect of hotel customer perceptions and CSR related policies on hotel customer participation in the development of CSR. The research method used is quantitative. The data used is a questionnaire distributed to customers of Solo Lorin Hotels, Sahid Jaya Solo Hotels and New Kuta Hotels in Bali. The results showed that Hotel Customer Perceptions and Policies Regarding CSR towards hotel customer participation in CSR development had a significant positive effect on hotel customer participation. This means that through the activities of CSR hotel development that are carried out it will have a good effect and make the name of the hotel can be large in the eyes of the wider community and the community will become more empowered.


Customer Perception; Policies Regarding CSR; Customer Participation; Hotel CSR Development.

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