About the Journal


The International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) is the scientists open access homeland for publishing their scientific papers in Basic and Applied sciences and Research. IJSBAR plays its role as a refereed open access international journal to support the universal universities, research institutes, and researchers in their journey toward publishing their research papers. this journal accept scientific papers after sending them to well known academic reviewers; our reviewers will Apply basic double - blind refereeing process according to the international research standards for publishing scientific researches.

It should be clear for all scientists that submitting articles to this journal of Basic and Applied Research will guarantees that the papers will be refereed basically by our journal reviewers and scientists to decide about the publication in the IJSBAR journal according to the following basic options:

  • Accept the Basic and Applied paper/papers for publication in IJSBAR without any basic modifications.
  • Accept the paper/papers for publication in the Sciences journal with modifications to be applied.
  • Reject the Applied research paper/ research papers.

The IJSBAR published papers in Basic and Applied Research will be available for scientific readers for free, no fees are required to download and read any published Basic and Applied idea in this international journal.

The Sciences covered by this journal are (but not limited): chemical sciences, All fields of Engineering, computer science, medical research, physiology, Mathematics, Social Science, Geology, all areas of applied sciences, biotechnology.

IJSBAR published papers will be indexed in the following international indexing services:

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The IJSBAR is now under consideration for indexing in Thomson Reuters (ISI).

ISSN (online): 2307-4531

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